Jan. 12, 2021

HARRISBURG – As the Pennsylvania House convened this week to begin the 2021-22 Legislative Session, Rep. Brian Smith (R-Jefferson/Indiana) has been appointed to serve on the following heavily active committees: Children and Youth, Liquor Control, Tourism and Recreational Development, and Urban Affairs.

“There is a lot of heavy lifting that needs to be done at the committee level to ensure that our state and local economies thrive, regional tourism/outdoor activities are expanded and government is held accountable,” said Smith. “I am very excited to get to work addressing the top priority issues confronting our children, young people, families, emergency responders and, especially, our local restaurants, taverns and all other main street job creators that have been devasted by the governor’s arbitrary and overreaching business shutdown orders.”

The Children and Youth Committee maintains jurisdiction over adoption and child protection issues, along with child day care services, infant/child/mother health issues, juvenile delinquency, and adolescent and teen problems.

The Liquor Control Committee is responsible for issues relating to the administration of alcoholic beverage licenses and the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages, as well as continued efforts to boost consumer convenience.

The Tourism and Recreational Development Committee considers issues including travel and tourism promotion; ATVs, snowmobile and trail-related initiatives; the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission; scenic roadways; amusement parks, fairs, carnivals and folk festivals; agritourism; hotel and lodging issues; recreational use of land and water; PA Wilds; and many others.

The Urban Affairs Committee considers legislation affecting cities of all sizes, including housing; urban redevelopment; economic development; land use planning and zoning; growth management; infrastructure financing; and city services such as police, fire, sewage and water.

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Representative Brian Smith
66th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
RepSmith.com / Facebook.com/RepBrianSmith